Little Preschool
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Photo of Kids Way Little Preschool Classroom and Cubbies
Little Preschool enrolls children working on but not yet potty trained, 30 months and older.

Kids Way Child Care & Early Learning Center, Inc  
Little Preschool Goals

All Little Preschool Children participate in a full arts & crafts curriculum and circle time which includes singing, dancing, the weather, story time, basic colors and shapes, counting to 20, and the Alphabet Song. Language and Social/Emotional development is practiced all day; expanding the children's vocabulary, their ability communicate, play with peers, and follow the teacher's instruction.

Our Little Preschool Class participates in a developmentally appropriate level of Handwriting Without Tears and David Matteson's Foundation in Literacy. Kids Way is an Early Achiever's participant.

Kids Way partners with The Sno-Isle Library and monthly receives 36 new hardback books for our Little Preschool/Preschool/Pre-K Classroom; in addition every other month the librarian is a circle time guest and she sings songs, performs with puppets, and has felt board and other activities.

Assessments and Teacher/Parent Conferences are provided to families each fall and spring. 

Kids Way Little Preschool, Preschool & Pre-K Class participates in special occasions such as Moms & Muffins on Mother's Day Weekend, an annual Christmas Concert, Dads & Doughnuts on Father’s Day Weekend combined with our Spring Concert and Pre-K Graduation. 

Most importantly, Kids Way parnters with families to help their children succeed within a loving classroom environment.

Little Preschool Goals

Language Arts
Enjoys being read to and is able to listen to an entire short story

Communicates in complete sentences
Sings simple songs and rhymes
Knows first and last name
Knows “inside” and “outside” voice
Verbally communicates needs to teacher and classmates

Cognitive Development
Follows 2-step instructions

Labels basic shapes
Labels basic colors
Matches primary colors
Counts to ten
Knows ABC’s

Creative Art
Able to follow simple instructions for product orientated projects

Explores texture and colors in open ended projects
Advanced scribble techniques when coloring
Explores various textures and materials

Music and Movement
Follow instructional music, such as the

“Hokey Pokey” or “Freeze” song
Enjoys movement to music
Sings favorite songs to self and friends
Plays children’s musical instruments

Motor Skills
Masters large motor skills: able to run, jump, gallop, stop and turn

Participate in finger rhymes and songs
Walks up and down stairs without assistance
Begins development of eye hand coordination

Social Science
Begins to participate in cooperative play

Understands sharing and taking turns
Develops empathy
Uses words to negotiate needs with peers
Participates in lunchtime prayer

Self Help Skills
Potty Trained with little assistance

Washes and dries hands without assistance
Uses eating utensils
Drinks from a cup
Puts on and takes off coat with little assistance

Photo of Kids Way Little Preschool Craft and Lunchroom

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