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Preschool Goals

Preschool Goals are for children 30 months through 4 years

Kids Way utilizes the Award Winning Handwriting Without Tears "Get Set For School" Program, incorporating Readiness & Writing and Math & Numbers, in addition to Foundation in Literacy, by David Matteson. This is the same handwriting, math, and literacy programs used in the Lake Stevens School District Kindergarten Classrooms. The children enjoy daily small group circle time, play dough, arts and crafts, and (weekly) science and baking, PE/Gym class at the Lake Stevens Athletic Club, and twice a month field trips to the library. Kids Way also participates in Early Achievers and WAKids P-3 alignment. 
Kids Way children sing, dance, run, jump and explore daily.

Kids Way partners with The Sno-Isle Library and monthly receives 36 new hardback books for our Preschool/Pre-K Classroom; in addition every other month the librarian is a circle time guest and she sings songs, performs with puppets, and has felt board and other activities. 

We offer Preschool Families conferences and progress reports each year in the fall and spring.

Kids Way Preschool & Pre-K Class participates in special occasions such as Moms & Muffins on Mother's Day Weekend, an annual Christmas Concert, Dads & Doughnuts on Father’s Day Weekend combined with our Spring Concert and Pre-K Graduation.

Most importantly, Kids Way parnters with families to help their children succeed within a loving classroom environment.

Preschool Goals

Language Arts
Enjoys various stories
Recognizes the relationship between the written word and spoken word
Continues to expand vocabulary
Retells simple stories or actions
Uses verbs, plurals, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and pronouns
Speaks in complete sentences
Begins letter recognition
Able to follow oral instructions during transitions with little assistance

Creative Arts
Chooses various materials during free choice
Begins to use art as a form of self expression
Follows instructions for product orientated art projects
Uses imagination when coloring on plain paper

Music and Movement
Develops body awareness
Coordinates movements with words
Controls vigorous movements
Plays children’s musical instruments following oral instruction
Participates in music and singing at circle time

Math and Cognitive Skills
Identifies colors, shapes, sizes and weight
Completes patterns using 2 elements
Sequences 3 items by size
Matches like items
Understands basic elements of time
Counts to twenty
Counts items to ten
Begins number recognition

Motor Skills
Able to run, jump, stop, turn, and stand on one foot
Develops eye hand coordination
Walks up and down stairs safely  
Begins using the tripod grip on crayons
Begins to use scissors

Social Science
Participates in cooperative play
Negotiates wants with classmates with assistance
Understands others have feelings
Uses manners; please, thank you, you're welcome and I’m sorry
Controls impulsive behaviors with assistance
Sits side by side with peers and participates in circle time and academic/art projects 
Participates in lunch time prayer
Participates in the Pledge of Allegiance
Forms a line to go outside 
Transitions from one activity to another with little assistance
Cleans up following an activity with little assistance

Self Help Skills
Completely Potty Trained
Washes hands without assistance
Pours own milk or juice from a small pitcher
Serves self with tongs
Passes food items to classmates
Puts on and takes off own coat and shoes

Science and Nature
Understands cause and effect
Discuss and label weather
Understands the difference between living and non-living.
Participates in class science experiments                         

Kids Way Preschool ~ Pre-K                 Arts & Craft and Lunchroom

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