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Pre-K Goals

Pre-K Goals are for children 4-6 years old or the preschool year prior to Kindergarten
Pre-K Goals include all of the Preschool Goals in addition to the below goals.

Our Pre-K Classroom enjoys daily small group circle time, play dough, arts and crafts, and weekly science and baking, PE/Gym class at the Lake Stevens Athletic Club, and twice a month field trips to the library.
Kids Way utilizes the Award Winning Handwriting Without Tears "Get Set For School" Program, incorporating Readiness & Writing and Math & Numbers, in addition to Foundation in Literacy, by David Matteson. This is the same handwriting, math, and literacy programs used in the Lake Stevens School District Kindergarten Classrooms; making it a smooth transition from  Pre-K to the Lake Stevens School District. Kids Way also participates in Early Achievers and WAKids P-3 alignment. 

Kids Way children sing, dance, run, jump and explore daily.


Kids Way partners with The Sno-Isle Library and monthly receives 36 new hardback books for our Preschool/Pre-K Classroom; in addition every other month the librarian is a circle time guest and she sings songs, performs with puppets, and has felt board and other activities. 

We offer Pre-K Families conferences and progress reports each year in the fall and spring.

Kids Way Preschool & Pre-K Class participates in special occasions such as Moms & Muffins on Mother's Day Weekend, an annual Christmas Concert, Dads & Doughnuts on Father’s Day Weekend combined with our Spring Concert and Pre-K Graduation.

Most importantly, Kids Way parnters with families to help their children succeed within a loving classroom environment.

Language Arts
Recalls sequence and details of a story
Continues to grow a larger vocabulary
Speaks in complete sentences using appropriate sentence structure
Prints first name in capital letters
Identifies both upper and lower case letters
Identifies the sounds of individual letters
Participates in the Handwriting Without Tears Program
Knows full name, address, phone # and age
Recognize 10 sight words
Understand print concepts: letter groups make words, reading and writing is from left to right,
top to bottom, left page followed by right, and read from the front to the back of a book.

Creative Art
Uses tripod grip when coloring
Draws picture of self (head, body, arms, legs, face, hair)
Mixes colors to create a new color
Describes what has been drawn
Enjoys expressing self through art
Participates in Art Projects which are teacher lead and continued for 2 or more days
Understands the concept of process orientated art

Cognitive Skills & Math
Understands the concept of “like and different”
Sorts by 3 concepts (color, shape, size)
Sequences by size 5 or more items
Completes complex patterns (2-4 steps)
Understands time concept with a calendar
Understands concept of more and less
Counts aloud to 50
Counts items to 20
Recognizes numbers 1 through 20
Prints numbers 1 through 5
Knows 12 colors (red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, orange, gray, brown, light blue, purple and pink)
Understand various prepositions
Name geometric shapes
Complete more complex puzzles

Music and Movement
Develops rhythm and tempo
Identifies specific instruments and their sounds
Sings many songs aloud
Uses music and movement to express self
Uses songs to learn information

Motor Skills
Masters climbing, balancing on one foot, hopping, jumping, running,
turning with speed, sudden stops, gallop and skipping
Continues to develop eye hand coordination
Develops upper body strength on climber
Uses tripod grip with crayons
Uses proper scissor grip

Social Science
Settle into class with minimal stress
Transition smoothly between activities
Roll play cooperatively
Share and negotiate class materials/toys
Shows kindness and empathy for others
Controls own emotions and actions
Clean up following an activity
Follows 2-3 step instructions
Understand and follow classroom rules

Self Help Skills
Pours appropriate amounts of milk/juice
Serves self appropriate sizes of snack
Clears place at lunch table
Keeps cubbie organized

Kids Way Preschool ~ Pre-K Craft and Lunchroom

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