Sorry about the tardiness of this month’s news letter.  My computer contracted a virus.  Of course I did not know this until I tried to type up my news letter and things were moving slower than a slug. After a week at the “computer dr.”, I am back in business.

Summer is off to a wonderful start at camp.  We have a small group of delightful friends that have bonded almost immediately with each other.

We have been busy.  We have planted a garden and learned about seeds, sprouts, plants, “rich soil”, dirt clods, and trowels just to name a few of the garden terms we have learned.  We have been on a couple of short hikes, had a few picnic lunches and even went bowling.  The events we have attended at the Lake Stevens library have been very funny and entertaining.  I hope you ask your child each day about what he or she has learned and what they did throughout the day.  Each day they are writing in a journal about the things they have seen or participated in throughout the day. (Writing skills!!).

We also read each day for a minimum of 20 minutes and the children record it on their library journal to earn a free book. We are also honing our math skills by playing different games, measuring things, comparing things, looking at temperature variances, all of this and (don’t tell them) they do not even realize it is math!!  We have many more exciting activities and trips planned for the remainder of the summer, thank you so much for having your child join us.

As you can see, and have hopefully heard from your child, we are having a lot of fun. But just as importantly we make sure to include daily learning activities.  Did you know that “over the course of summer 2.6 months of math skills are lost,1 month of overall learning is lost after summer vacation, 6 weeks in fall are spent re-learning old material to make up for summer learning loss, 2 months of reading skills are lost over the summer, 2-3 hours per week during summer vacation is needed to prevent any learning loss, as early as grade one summer learning loss can be recognized, 2 months of subject-focused learning is all it takes to improve specific learning skills, it can take up to 2 months from the first day of school for a student's brain development to get back on track.” ( So we are not just a summer camp, we are all about keeping your child on track to be successful when he or she returns to class in September. There is a website that also offers some learning opportunities for you and your child to explore to stay on top of their academic skills.  Visit : and click on digital summer, from there you will click on elementary and it will offer you different websites to explore for language, reading, math, technology, science, and language arts.  It is available for older students as well.

Happy Birthday Lauren July 14th!!

Have a safe enjoyable July.  Hopefully we will continue to have sunny days!  As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to talk to me, send me a text or call: 425-426-4688 or email me:

Ms. Arlene

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